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Latest update: 1 December 2018
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TRADE BETWEEN JAPAN AND FINLAND 1985-2018 (estim. September 2018)

Note: Value mill. EURO. (1 EURO approx. 1.17 USD / 130 JPY)

According to the statistics by Finnish Customs, the trade between Finland and Japan in 2017 in euros changed significantly from the previous year. Finnish exports to Japan rose by 28.3% while Japan's export to Finland increased by 6.3% compared to 2016. In 2018 Finland's export is expected to grow an additional 20% and Japan's export to Finland by 3%.

There has been a rather dramatic change in the trade balance (yellow bars). Until 2010 Japan had a surplus, in the late 1990's the surplus was almost twice Finland's export to Japan. But since 2011 Finland has had a growing surplus, in 2014 it was 429 mill. euros.

The main reason for this is changes in the international business. Today, most of the Japanese cars, electronics and machinery, which makes up for most of Japan's export to Finland, are produced close to the markets, i.e. in Finland's case in Europe.

Same applies naturally in the case of Finnish exports. Large shares of wood, paper, telecom equipment, metals, instruments, etc. sold by Finnish companies in Japan are today produced elsewhere than in Finland, in other parts of Europe (e.g. wood, paper and metals) or in Asia (paper, telecom equipment, instruments).

Therefor trade statistics today only partly reveal the actual business of companies. In the case of Finnish companies, it is estimated that their business in Japan is about 3.5 times the export volume from Finland. Substantially more if services (air transport, service in telecom and machinery) and profit margins are added.

(estim. September 2018)

FINLAND'S EXPORT IN 2018 - BY SECTOR (estim. September 2018)


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