Electronic component and EMS business between Japan and Finland
Mika Mäkinen
President, Elcoteq Japan Co.,Ltd.
Mika Mäkinen gave us an insight in the world of the electronic component and EMS business focusing on the mobile communications industry, were his company, Elcoteq, is one of the major players globally .

The component export from Japan to Finland made up almost half of the total Japanese exports to Finland, and was the same size as Finland all exports to Japan in 2000. These components include LCD Displays and modules vibration motors, buzzers, microphones, speakers, keydomes, crystals, memory chips, connectors, antennas, etc.

The EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) is a rapidly growing part of the electronics industry, and expected to double its share of the total volume of the industry by year 2004, mainly because the electronics industry is streamlining its operations and concentrating on product developement and marketing and leaving production to EMS companies.

Elcoteq Network is the largest EMS company in Europe and no. 7 globally. But in the mobile phone sector Elcoteq is the world's largest, mainly because it is a leading supplier to Nokia.

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Guest speaker Mr. Mika Mäkinen
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From left: Seiichi Matsui, Vaisala K.K., Hirokuni Yoshida, AvestaPolarit Japan K.K., Juha Markkanen (front), Embassy of Finland, Olli Juvonen, Finland Trade Center (Finpro), Moritaka Fukuda, Elcoteq Japan, Yoshimichi and Yoshinori Sano, Seiwa Accounting Service.
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34 persons attended the meeting held at Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
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From left: FCCJ President Timo Varhama, Ambassador Eero Salovaara, Erik Ullner, Konigstedt Ltd., Isao Nishimura, Aplix Corp. and Nicola Lindertz, Embasy of Finland.