Luncheon Meeting 1 September 2000
"The Japanese Paper Industry and its Future in the Global Competition"

Guest Speaker:
Mr. Hideki Ushiro, Senior Manager
Nippon Paper Industries Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Ushiro gave an interesting presentation on the development of the Japanese paper market during the last decades, and the future outlok for the industry.

As reasons for the low import ratio of paper (4.6 % in 1999), he gave two reasons;
  • very severe customers' requirements in product quality and service
  • low market prices

    As for paper production, Japan is second behind USA and in cumsuption Japan is third, behind USA and China. An interesting fact is that the consumption per capita is 347.2 kg in USA, 320.8 kg in Finland (3rd), 239.2 kg in Japan (7th), but only 28 kg in China.

    The Japanese and Finnish paper industries are well represented on the top 10 list. If noting the latests, and planned mergers, the list would be:

    1. International Paper
    2. Georgia-Pacific
    3. Stora Enso
    4. Kimberley-Clark
    5. Weyerhauser
    6. Nippon Paper
    7. Oji Paper
    8. UPM-Kymmene
    9. SCA
    10. Smurfit Stone
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    The guest speaker; Mr. Hideki Ushiro
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    The new Finnish Ambassador designate Mr. Eero Salovaara and FCCJ Vice President Hirokuni Yoshida study the hand-outs.
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    From left: Timo Varhama, Nippon Finnpap, Hirokuni Yoshida, Eero Salovaara, Hideki Ushiro, Eero Ala-Jaaski, Stora Enso.
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    34 persons attended the meeting...
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    ..which was held at Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
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