Luncheon Meeting 23 May 2000
"The U.S. view on the current status of deregulation in Japan"

Guest Speaker:
Robert F. Grondine, President,
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)

The ACCJ has 3,000 members representing 1,200 companies. 800 of these are American, the rest Japanese and from other countries having interest in the work of ACCJ. The ACCJ has 62 committees involving hundreds of volunteers.

ACCJ is regarded as the best source of information for US. govermnet on issues relating to Japanese business.

Mr. Grondine pointed out that deregulation is an ongoing process and the entire objective is to improve situation for all parties.

As an example he took the agreement on cellular phones which transferred the ownership of the phones from operators to users and dramatically reduced costs.
- The Japanese economy would today be even in a much worse state without the booming mobile phone market.

Current issues;
- taxation
- stock options
- financial services
- judicial issues (the rights of foreign lawyers)

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The guest speaker; Robert F. Grondine
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The President's table
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The meeting was attended by 34 participants
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Spacious athmosphere at the Tokyo American Club
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Rauno Sirola, FCCJ President, hands over a present to the speaker.
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