Luncheon Meeting 27 April, 2001
"The New Keitai Life"

Guest speaker:
Mr. Yuichiro Takagawa, COO, Sonera Japan K.K.
After a brief introduction to Sonera globally;
..."international forerunner in mobile communications.. operation in 19 countries with staff of 11,200... 2.3 mill. mobile subscribers in Finland, over 21.6 mill. overseas...the only European operator with own research laboratories..."
Mr. Takagawa moved on to explain about the operations of Sonera Japan, which was established in September 2000.

The main part of his presentation was focused on the next generation mobile communications, in Japan and globally. Among the "killer" applications he mentioned location sensitive services which could be used for security and life saving, traffic information and fleet management, as well as for location sensitive banners and messaging.

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Our guest speaker and interested audience.
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New FCCJ President, Timo Varhama
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"...that's a difficult question... well, let me see now.... yes, it is going to go up, rapidly!"
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29 persons attended the meeting at Capitol Tokyu Hotel.