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Latest: 5 Feb. 2018

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For Students/Job seekers:
This is a service provided for free by Team Finland and FCCJ to Finnish students and young professionals with Japanese language capabilities (JLPT N4 of higher or be able to show In their CV that they have the equivalent skills) currently looking for either a job or internship in Japan.
  • To be listed here please send us your CV and a brief summary (without your name), see samples below.
  • If you have both an English and Japanese CV, combine them to one file.
  • Make sure the pdf contains your contact information (at least email address).
  • Note that your CV is not linked on this site, Companies having interest should request it from the FCCJ office.
  • The postings will be automatically removed 6 months after the posting date, unless you inform us that you continue searching. You will then be re-listed and put on the top of the list.
  • If you have found a job/internship or given up on your search in Japan, please inform us so that we can remove you from the list.
For Companies planning to hire:
Please check the list below when you have a position open for a regular job or an internship. Contact us by clicking the "Request CV" link at the bottom of each posting.
Note that all candidates listed here have some level of Japanese proficiency.

20 Sep. 2017 1. Finn fluent in Chinese and conversational in Japanese looking for job
A Finn based in Beijing, with Master of Social Science in East Asian Studies, looking for a long-term job in Japan starting from beginning of 2018 or earlier on a month's notice. Japanese level N3. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
20 Oct. 2017 2. Japanese speaking Finnish MSc in Economics looking for long-term work opportunities
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration with working experience in Japan in a Japanese working environment looking for long-term work opportunities. Japanese language proficiency level N2. Available for new opportunities on one month's notice.
9 Feb. 2018 3. Finn located in Japan looking for an internship/work in Japan.
Graduating from a Japanese university (Bachelor of Business Administration) in September 2018, but free from spring 2018 onwards as necessary school credits have been already accumulated. Native Finnish, native-level English, Japanese N1 certificate holder with full working proficiency.
8 Mar. 2018 4. A Finnish Economics master student living in Japan with good Japanese skills looking internship
Bachelor from IT, International Business Management master student looking an internship in Japan. Good Japanese (N2), good German, fluent English and native in Finnish. Free from middle of June. Living in Nagoya.

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