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  ISSUE 15/2006

30 June 2006  

Dear !*TITLE*! !*LASTNAME*!,

This time I would like to give some attention to the Swedes...
Although we have tough golf competitions, the Finnish and Swedish Chambers have very friendly relations and an excellent cooperation. One important person in developing these relations has been the SCCJ Chairman Clas Halling. When he is now leaving Japan to take up new challenges in Sweden I would like to use this opportunity (and space...) to thank Clas for his initiatives and efforts in developing the cooperation between the Nordic Chambers in Japan.
Clas Halling (right) and Carl-Gustav Eklund

Thank you Clas! It has been a pleasure to work with you and your friendship and support has always been appreciated.

We hope that we can continue the good cooperation with the new SCCJ Chairman, also an old friend of ours, Carl-Gustav Eklund, who has been in Japan since 1979 and is now the President of Höganäs Japan.

But now to our issues.

Report from FCCJ Luncheon Meeting with Ambassador Julin

At the FCCJ luncheon meeting on 21 June Ambassador Jorma Julin made a presentation on Finland's EU Presidency which starts in July and runs until December.

Ambassador Julin gave first a brief background on the EU and pointed out that Finland had her first EU Presidency in 1999, which was considered a success. So expectations are high also this time.

However, many things have changed within the EU since 1999. There are now 25 members states, the EU is in a constitutional crisis and today EU is a global actor.

The Presidency means among other things that Finland and its representatives will be at the hearth of international politics and it might have to act on unforeseen international events as the coordinator of EU foreign relations.
For more about the luncheon, please click link at right.
28 August - Club Evening at Juniper in Grand Hyatt Tokyo

We make a smooth start after the summer break with a Club Evening at the Juniper Cafe and Bar at Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills.

Come and meet old and new friends in a relaxing but elegant atmosphere! See details below.
Date & Time: Monday, 28 August, 19:00-21:00
Place: Juniper Café and Bar at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 4 F    [MAP]
Cost:Members: 4,000 yen, non-members: 4,500 yen
(collected at the door)
including one drink and light buffet
Registration:by Thursday 24 August

By keeping the fee low, we try to encourage many staff members from our member companies to join, guest and spouses are also welcome!

Please note that we will collect the fee at the door and provide you with a receipt. Late cancellations and no-shows will be invoiced.

If you would like to attend, please click link below to register.
North 4th Annual America-Europe Golf Challenge:
The DaimlerChryler Cup

The 2006 Cup will be played on Friday 29 September at Atsugi Kokusai Country Club. There will be 144 players teaming up, 72 for the North American Team and 72 for the European. Note that Japanese members in the respective chambers are naturally welcome.

This year we have decided to go back and use the new peoria (shin-peria) play format. Otherwise much will be similar to last year. At last years event, played on Friday 30 September, the North American team retained the cup, winning with an average of the best 80% in the team of 73.91 against Europe's 75.89. So Europe has revenge to take, especially as we have now lost twice in a row.

At this time we are focusing on recruiting sponsors, so if you are interested in reaching the foreign business community and beyond here is your chance. The website enjoys over 4,500 page views per month.

We have already 59 players signed up for the European team so there is only 13 slots left. In case you want to take part in this great event, sign up soon!

For more details on sponsoring the event and to register, please click link below.

Tampere University of Technology:
An unique opportunity to take part in the joint research project between Japan and Finland

The project is titled as A 3 Dimensional Collaborative Cyber Space Implementation Study for Realizing Research Projects between Japan and Finland (3D-CCS) Case 1: Cross-Cultural Interactive Spaces Case 2: Software Development Practices in a Cross-Cultural Environment

The project includes very new and attractive subjects focusing on not only cross-cultural communication but also creation of cross-cultural collaborative working environments among remote community sites.

The project will be implemented by using an advanced 3-Dimensional Computer Graphics Technology with a new concept for realizing 3D-based Distance Creation Environment.

We would like to start this project in Autumn 2006 between Finland and Japan, as the first challenge of this concept in the world.

If you are interested in the project, please contact:

Yasushi Kiyoki, Professor, PhD.
Keio University
Faculty of Environmental Information
5322 Endoh Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-8520
Tel: 090-8340-3867, 0466-47-5111
E-mail: kiyoki@sfc.keio.ac.jp

Anneli Heimbürger, Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Tech.
Tampere University of Technology, Pori
Pohjoisranta 11 C, P.O.Box 300
FI - 28101 Pori
Tel: +358-40-826 2931
Email: anneli.heimburger@tut.fi
European Business Council Position Paper:
The EBC asks the government of Japan to abolish the Re-entry permit system

Japan maintains a unique restriction on the movement of foreign residents. Without a so-called "re-entry permit", foreigners have to turn in their alien registration cards and give up their residential status when leaving Japan for business or leisure. The European Business Council in Japan (EBC) released yesterday a position paper requesting the Government of Japan to abolish this system which requires all foreigners, also permanent residents, to make extra visits to the immigration bureau and to pay fees just to be allowed to leave the country.

For the full text, please click link below.
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation:

for EU industrial companies willing to host a Japanese engineering student for an 8-month internship

"Vulcanus in Europe", founded and financed by the European Commission and the Japanese Government, gives Companies and Studies of Architecture the possibilitiy of hosting a Japanese University student in Engineering, Architecture or other scientific fields, for 8 months. (August 07-March 08)

Application deadline: 30 September.

For more details on this scheme and the application form, please click link below.

News from Finland

Shuji Nakamura wins Finland's Millennium Technology Prize

The 2006 Millennium Technology Prize has been awarded to Shuji Nakamura. Professor Nakamura has developed a new, revolutionary source of light - bright-blue, green and white LEDs and a blue laser. The technology is used in several applications which improve the quality of human life. The worldfs largest technology prize, now being awarded by Finland's Millennium Prize Foundation for the second time, has a value of one million euros.

One of the most significant future applications for Shuji Nakamura's invention is the sterilisation of drinking water, since the use of ultraviolet LEDs makes the water purification process both cheaper and more efficient. Systems based on this technology are expected to improve the lives and health of tens of millions of people.

More about the Millennium Technology Prize

Grin of the week

Bush Declares War On Bird Flu

Saying that "America must take a preemptive approach to the War on Bird Flu," President Bush launched a nuclear attack on Turkey today. He said the Canary Islands are next...

Have a nice weekend and if you are going on holiday, please enjoy it!

Best regards

Clas G. Bystedt
If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
send it to: fccj@gol.com

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