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  ISSUE 23/2002

29 July, 2002  


I'm back...
Well, actually I haven't been anywhere (except to Finland Village for a couple of days to escape the heat), but as many of you have had your summer vacation (at least our non-Japanese friends) I took a couple of weeks off with these bulletins.

But now we are back to business, even though there's not that much to report.

August Luncheon Meeting
Erik Ullner
If the money is burning in your pocket, we have a suitable luncheon meeting theme in August; How to Invest?
Our speaker is Erik Ullner, Chief Representative of Konigstedt Ltd.
Erik has spent most of his life in Japan working for several Finnish companies and for the last 15 years been involved in private banking at companies like Citibank, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.
Since 2000 he is Senior Partner and Chief Representative of Konigstedt Ltd.
Erik is also a member of the FCCJ board and our representative in the EBC Executive Board.

Luncheon details:
Date & Time:Friday 30 August, 12:00-14:00
Place: Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Nikko Room (B1F)
Cost:7,000 yen at the door
Registration:by Wednesday 28 August

If you would like to register already now, click link at right.
FCCJ News No. 21
We are now preparing the next issue of our printed newsletter, FCCJ NEWS, which will be out early August. This will include a comprehensive report about the EBC, meeting reports, and much more.
Or, if you have news from your company (e.g. changes in contact information, new staff, etc.) that you would like to convey to our readers, please drop us a line. Photos are also welcome!

Formation of an EBC Human Resources Committee
It has been brought to the EBC's attention that there may be a number of companies among our members and the members of the European national chambers with an interest in joining an EBC Human Resources Committee. If there is sufficient interest, the EBC can establish a committee - we have already identified a member of the BCCJ who may be interested in chairing this committee if one is formed.

The human resources sector is addressed in Working Group 1 (co-chaired with the Japanese side by the EBC) of the EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table. So far, our submissions in this paper have been restricted to the issues of visa and reentry permit requirements, but the EBC would be interested in addressing these issues in greater depth and human resources on a broader scale, similar to the ACCJ.

If you or a member of your company would like to join a start-up EBC Human Resources Committee, please indicate your interest by e-mail by clicking link at right.
EBC White Paper - reminder
The EBC's year 2001 white paper, "Supporting the Reform Process - The EBC Report on the Japanese Business Environment 2001", was produced thanks to the generous support of many members. Thanks to the high quality of this publication, the EBC is regarded as an authority on the Japanese business and investment environment and our participation in the EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table (held this year 7-9 July in Tokyo) is now considered to be indispensable.
Accordingly, EBC's Chairman, Mr. Richard Collasse, would like to build further on this momentum. The white paper should have the highest priority among EBC's activities this year. Both English and Japanese versions are expected to be ready for release at a launch event on November 18.
However, the EBC has limited operating funds and projects like the white paper must be conducted on a cost-recovery basis.
In order to produce the papers, EBC has decided to ask members to sponsor the publication in return for visible acknowledgment in the 2 volumes. See sponsorship details below.
It has also been decided also to take orders for the white papers at 5,000 yen for one set (1 English and 1 Japanese version).

  • Blue-Star Sponsorship: More than 150,000 yen (Company name on a 2-name page)
  • Special Sponsorship: 100,000 yen (Company name on a 10-name page)
  • Sponsorship: 50,000 yen (Company name on a 20-name page)

  • 5,000 yen per set: 1 English copy and 1 Japanese copy (including postage)

    If you would like to support the white paper as sponsor and/or would like to order copies please click links below for order forms.
    News from Finland
    The World's Most Valuable Brands
    Although Nokia dropped one position from 5th to 6th on the list of most valuable brands issued by Interbrand, it is still the most valuable non-US brand. Second highest non-US brand is Mercedes (10th), third Toytota (12th).

    The list is topped by Coca-Cola, followed by Microsoft, IBM, GE and Intel. After Nokia there are names like Disney and McDonald's. Slightly surprisingly, Sony is only no. 21.
    For the full list, go here .
    Grin of the Week
    Good news and bad news...
    A woman phones up her husband at work for a chat. . . .
    He: "I'm sorry honey but I'm up to my neck in work today"
    She: "But I've got some good news and some bad news for you dear."
    He: "OK darling, but since I've got no time now, just give me the good news, OK?"
    She: "Well, the air-bag works..."

  • We have a couple of interesting things to inform you about, like the FCCJ golf tournament (including the challenge against the Swedish Chamber on 11 October) and the Scandinavian Christmas Party on 13 December, but I give more details about those in coming bulletins when businesses are again in full swing.

    Have a nice week &
    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to: fccj@gol.com

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