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  ISSUE 12/2007 25 June, 2007  

Dear !*TITLE*! !*LASTNAME*!,

On Saturday the sixth Midsummer Party was held at Finland Village in Koumi-machi, Nagano prefecture. This event must be one of the largest, or at least the most enjoyable, of all regular Japan-Finland events organized in Japan. This year it attracted almost 300 participants, unfortunately only 12 representing Finland this time. The local community puts in a lot of efforts to organize this event, so it would be nice if we could show a bit more appreciation for their hard work by attending in greater numbers.

If you want to check out the party, please click here!

Some additional news from Koumi; there's an interesting exhibition called "Currently West" at Koumi Museum until 2 September. For details, go here .
On 1 July a new onsen, "Yahho no yu" will open next to the museum, for details, click here .

This Wednesday we have the FCCJ Movie Night. There's still some seats left so if you would like to participate, sign up soon, latest tomorrow Tuesday. Read more about the event below.

Preview of Aki Kaurismäki's movie Lights in the Dusk
Wednesday 27 June - FCCJ Movie Night

At the first ever FCCJ Movie Night our members have the unique opportunity to have a preview of Aki Kaurismäki's latest movie Lights in the Dusk, in Finnish Laitakaupungin valot. The movie will start running in cinemas in Japan from 7 July.

For more about the event and the movie, please click image at right.

Date & Time:Wednesday 27 June, 18.30-20:30
Venue: The Film School of Tokyo, Theater No.1 MAP
Katakura Bldg. B1F, 3-1-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku
Cost:free for members
Registration:by Tuesday 26 June

The event is supported by EB (formerly Elektrobit), Finnair, Finnish Tourist Board and Seiwa & Co., so we are able to offer this event for free to our members.

We still have about 15 seats left, so if you have not yet registered but would like to attend, please click link at right.
Report from FCCJ June Luncheon Meeting

At our June luncheon meeting held on Wednesday the 20th at Hotel Okura we had a presentation on the theme "Does Language Matter? - The benefits of localization and how to do it." by Veli-Matti Lahti, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, SDL Japan. Veli-Matti is also a member of the FCCJ Board.

In his presentation, Mr. Lahti first gave a brief background on SDL, which is the leading player in this field, 80% of the global translation supply chain use SDL software.

Then he moved on to explain why language really matters and about the needs for translations and to present the software and services SDL offers, including a short demo.

For more about the meeting, please click link at right.

Notice to Finnish speaking readers
Uusi ulkoministerion "Maailman markkinat 2007" vuosikatsaus julkistettu

Vuosikirja pyrkii valottamaan maailmantaloutta, kauppapolitiikkaa sekä Suomen keskeisiä vientimarkkinoita.

Julkaisussa arvioidaan suomalaisyritysten kannalta seitsemäntoista tärkeän kauppa- ja investointikohdemaan ajankohtaista tilannetta ja kaupallis-taloudellista potentiaalia.

Vuosijulkaisu on laadittu Suomen ulkomaanedustustoissa työskentelevien virkamiesten analyyseista ja toimitettu kauppapoliittisella osastolla. Japanin osuudesta vastaa Juha Niemi.

Ideana on ollut hakea laajempaa perspektiivia, ja esitellä sellaista tietoa, mitä pelkät luvut eivät anna. Julkaisun painopiste on nimenomaan yritystoimintaan vaikuttavan poliittisen ja lainsäädännöllisen kehityksen arvioinnissa ja ennakoinnissa.
Internships for Finnish Students

Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Industrial Management program, is planning a foreign 3 months intership for their 2nd year students (ca. 20), their focus is on Asia. The cities selected are Tokyo and Shanghai.

In short: the students will do as a group work/ project inquiries, small assessments, analysis, surveys, etc. for companies while present in respective location. There is no charge for the firm. However, we require that the firm in cooperation with the faculty will formulate the tasks to be reasonable and provide testimonial of the 3 months internship. The students will provide respective reports and also a summary report of the whole visit. Separate presentations will be held in January in Finland also.

The timining of the visit: October 1st - Dec 15 approximately.

Interested firms can contact:
Taina Tukiainen TkT/ D.Sc (Tech)
Head of Department of Industrial Management
Stadia/Helsinki University of Professional Education
Mobile +358 40 5552482
email: taina.tukiainen@stadia.fi

Paivi Tossavainen, D.Sc.(Econ.)
Principal Lecturer, Industrial Management Faculty of Technology Helsinki Polytechnic
mobile: +358 40 3345058
email: paivi.tossavainen@stadia.fi

News from Finland

Nokia to regroup in January

Nokia said in a statement Wednesday it would overhaul its company structure at the beginning of next year. Under the new organisation, Nokia's current business group and horizontal group structure in the mobile device business is to be replaced by three units: Devices, Services & Software and Markets.

Nokia's current divisions are called Mobile Phones, Enterprise Solutions and Multimedia.

"The convergence of the mobile communications and internet industries is opening up new growth opportunities for us, both in the devices business as well as in consumer internet services and enterprise solutions," Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the chief executive of Nokia, said in the statement.

Devices is to be led by Kari Oistamo, currently head of Mobile Phones; Services & Software by Niklas Savander, presently head of Technology Platforms, and Markets by Anssi Vanjoki, head of Multimedia until the end of the year.

Grin of the week

The French way

There is this French couple, sitting up talking, when the wife says to the husband that it was time he had a conversation with their thirteen year old son about the birds and the bees.

So the father goes to his son's room and says "Son do you remember that session I arranged for you with mademoiselle Ginette?"

"Oh yes papa, I remember very well" says the son.

"Well son it is time you knew that the birds and the bees do the same thing"

Have a nice week & Best regards

Clas G. Bystedt
If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
send it to: fccj@gol.com

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