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  ISSUE 21/2008 23 October, 2008  

Dear !*TITLE*! !*LASTNAME*!,

The events are coming fast and furious. If you are planning to be an active participant, November is a very busy month.
Apart from our own events, I would like to take the opportunity to push for the EBC "Thank you" luncheon for Richard Collasse's extraordinary achievements as Chairman of the EBC for seven years, a Danish Chamber luncheon with SAS Vice President for Sales & Marketing, and the Gala Dinner organized by the Japan Finland Culture and Friendship Association, which to my knowledge feature the first public appearance by Yoshiko Arai and Seppo Kimanen since Seppo joined the Embassy last autumn. Read more below.

Furthermore, the 14th edition of the Foreign Chambers Business Confidence Survey is closed tomorrow and based on the "sneak-peak" I have had into the responses so far, this edition is going to be one with a lot of swings in the sentiments about the economy and predicted business performance. If you represent a foreign affiliated company in Japan and in the have not yet responded but would like to voice your views, please MAIL ME and I will send you the link to the survey form.

On 4 November we will start taking registration for the SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS PARTY 2008.
My next bulletin will remind you on that day and will also then have the report from the Business Confidence Survey.

Report from the Luncheon meeting with Marutei Tsurunen

At the FCCJ luncheon meeting held on Monday 20 October we had an exciting guest speaker, Mr. Marutei Tsurunen, Member of the House of Councillors. The theme of his presentation is: "Conditions to achieve a change of government".

Mr. Tsurunen gave a very interesting and enlightening presentation on the curent state of the Japanese politics and the changes he, and his party, the Democratic Party of Japan, think are required to achieve some real, and needed, changes to Japan.

He expects the Lower House elections to take place on 30 November and although he is not directly involved, being a member of the Upper House (House of Counsillors) , he is very busy now campaigning for his party and its candidates all over Japan.

For more about the event, click link at right.
Tuesday, 4 November - EBC Special Event
Thank You Buffet Lunch for Richard Collasse

Mr. Richard Collasse has served as the Chairman of the European Business Council in Japan (EBC) for the extraordinary period of seven years. He has decided that it's time to step down and hand the reigns over to someone else.

Because of his exceptional service to the EBC, we will hold a buffet lunch on November 4 to give every member of the EBC and its stakeholder organisations the chance to meet Richard and give him their personal vote of thanks for the huge difference he has made to the EBC - thanks to Richard's initiatives, during his term, the EBC's funds have doubled, the synergies between the stakeholder European national chambers have been strengthened through closer relationships, the EBC's constitution has been updated and professionalised, links with our Japanese and European government interlocutors have been strengthened, and the EBC has now been recognised officially by METI and registered as the European (EU) Chamber of Commerce.

Date & Time:Tuesday, 4 November 2008, 12:00-14:00
Venue: Westin Tokyo, Star Room, B2 level MAP
Fee: 8,000 yen (paid at the door)
Registration:by Thursday, 30 October, by enclosed form or  mailing the EBC 

For more information and registration form, please click link at right.
Friday, 7 November - Stora Enso Cup
Sweden - Finland Golf Challenge 2008

This is the last reminder for the 14th Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge, the Stora Enso Cup, is played on Friday 7 November.
We have at present 19 players, notably 14 Japanese, signed up for the FCCJ team (12 for the SCCJ), but we still welcome additional players. So if you have not yet done so, sign-up now for this great event!

Date & Time:Friday, 7 November 2008 (start from no. 1 and 10, first tee-off at 9:34)
Venue: Taiheiyo Club Ichihara Course
151 Okuno, Ichihara-shi, Chiba 290-0513 MAP
Cost:16,250 yen (incl. green fee, lunch with one drink and party after play)
to be settled directly to the club
Registration:by Wednesday, 29 October, by enclosed form or mailing  mailing me 
(note: remember to give your HCP)

For a flyer of the event, which also includes the access map and registration form, click link below.
Tuesday, 18 November - FCCJ Luncheon Meeting
Tyler McGee, President, Nokia Japan Co., Ltd.

Our next luncheon meeting will be held on Tuesday, 18 November, where we will have Mr. Tyler McGee, President, Nokia Japan Co., Ltd. as our speaker. Mr. McGee will talk about Nokia globally and in Japan, current developments and future focus areas.

Date & Time:Tuesday, 18 November, 12:00-14:00
Place: Hotel Okura , Main Bldg 1F, Atlantic Room [MAP]
Cost: members 7,000 yen, non-members 8,000 yen (collected at the door)
Registration:by Friday, 14 November

Profile of Mr. McGee
Tyler McGee, President of Nokia Japan, is responsible for the overall business management of all strategic and operational issues in Japan. Tyler was appointed to this position on 1st January 2006.

Tyler is also Vice President, Sales, Customer & Market operations, North East Asia, and his role covers overall sales and marketing activities in Nokia Korea as well as in Japan.

Tyler was Vice President, Sales, South East Asia Pacific, Customer and Market Operations since 2002. In that role, Tyler was responsible for the management of the company's sales units in nine countries: Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Between 1999 and 2001, Tyler was Manager Director of Nokia in Australia, where he was responsible for the overall management of strategic and operational issues including sales, marketing, distribution development and logistics in that market.

Tyler first joined Nokia in Australia in 1994, and has held several senior positions in the company in sales and marketing. Tyler has over 17 years of industry experience in telecommunications and in the mobile phone industry across Europe, Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia.

If you would like to attend, please click link at right!
Thursday, 13 November - DCCJ Business Luncheon
Mr. Roberto Maiorana, Vice President Sales&Marketing, SAS International

DCCJ, in cooperation with the Nordic Chambers, proudly presents a luncheon with Mr. Roberto Maiorana, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, SAS International, .

In spite of Mr. Maiorana's Italian roots, he is as Swedish as can be. After more than 20 years in SAS, with several international postings, he now is located in the head quarter in Stockholm, taking office as a key decisionmaker within the top management.

In a turbulent time for the aviation industry, Mr. Maiorana will give us an update on the challenges SAS is facing, share some of his experience and future outlook.

I am considered being a leader who drives my organisation by listening and by supportive leadership. I ensure results through good communication and a realistic target setting. I am also known for bringing in a holistic and structural perspective to problem solving."

Date & Time:Thursday, 13 November, 12:00-14:00 (registration from 11:30)
Place: City Club of Tokyo , below the Canadian Embassy [MAP]
Cost: 6,000 yen (collected at the door)
Registration:by Monday, 10 November.
Please note that cancellations and no-shows after deadline will be invoiced.

If you would like to attend, please register directly with the DCCJ by clicking link below.
Wednesday, 26 November - Japan Finland Culture and Friendship Association
Finland Gala Concert and Dinner with Seppo Kimanen and Yoshiko Arai

In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of friendly relationship between Japan and Finland in 2009, Japan Finland Culture and Friendship Association his holding the third "Finland Gala Night" in the presence of Princess Takamado at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Date & Time:Wednesday 26 November, 18:00-
Place: Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Coriander Room
Program: 18:00 Cocktails
18:30 Concert
19:30 Dinner
Fee: 20,000 yen
(incl. Concert, Drink, Dinner and Pamphlet)
Tables: 1 table for 10 persons
Attire: Black Tie or Dark Suit
Registration:by Sat. 15 November

Please enjoy the chamber music gala concert presented by Yoshiko Arai (violin), Seppo Kimanen (cello) and Haruyo Kubo (piano), followed by a superb dinner. A special pamphlet will be presented to all participants.

Please click link at right for registration form. You could also email your registration to jfcfa@yahoo.co.jp.
New book in Japanese: "100 Social Innovations from Finland"

A book edited by Ilkka Taipale called "100 Social Innovations from Finland" has been translated into Japanese and might be an interesting and entertaining small Christmas present for your Japanese business associates and friends.

The book, which is both serious and entertaining, presents over 100 Finnish social innovations. Each chapter has a different author, who has invented, adapted or embraced the innovation, which range from the Single-Chamber Parliament to Salmiakki-kossu (Salty liquorice flavored Koskenkorva Vodka). One sample; in the chapter about the Molotov Cocktail we learn that the state monopoly alcohol company (Alko) produced 542,192 of these bottled fire bombs during the Winter War, but the factory was later bombed because the bottle cap reveal the location of the factory, "Alko - Rajamäki".

For more information from the publisher and order form (in Japanese), click link below.

News from Finland

Finland struggling to raise money -Financial Times

Finland, as well as Belgium and Spain, is having trouble attracting investors for debt offerings, the Financial Times claimed in its Wednesday edition.

The reason for the difficulties lay in the billions set aside to guarantee bank loans and inject capital into banks. These measures, together with an expectation of high sovereign debt, result in higher credit risks, which in turn have led investors to demand higher yields.

On Monday the Finnish finance ministry set the upper limit for state guarantees for bank financing at 50 billion euros. Due to the credit crunch, the state is prepared to give guarantees for three month to five year loans and was reserving four billion euros for capital injections, should they be needed.

Grin of the week

Nice guy...

A Scotsman who was driving home one night, ran into a car driven by an Englishman. The Scotsman got out of the car to apologize and offered the Englishman a drink from a bottle of whisky. The Englishman was glad to have a drink.

"Go on," said the Scot, "have another drink."

The Englishman drank gratefully. "But don't you want one, too?" he asked the Scotsman.
"Perhaps," replied the Scotsman, "after the police have gone."

Thanks if you read this far...;-)

Best regards

Clas G. Bystedt
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