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  ISSUE 3/2002

22 January, 2002  


Last Thursday many of us had the opportunity to participate in one of the best FCCJ events so far, both by attendance and content, the Luncheon meeting with Robert Feldman as guest speaker (more below).
But there's more to come, and in this weeks bulletin I list a number of events which I hope will be of interest.
So keep on reading...

February Luncheon Meeting
After quite a long interval we will have a Japanese guest speaker at our February Luncheon meeting, which will be held at Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Take Room on
Friday, 15 February, 12.00 -14.00

On that occasion Mr. Makoto Sasagawa, General Manager, Sales & Marketing Department, Europe Division, Toyota Motor Corporation.
The theme of his presentation is:
"Toyota in Europe as well as in Nordic countries (history and future, Toyota's strategy)". Mr. Sasagawa has also promised to give some comments on Toyota's entry into Formula 1.

We will send out invitations later this week, but if you would like to register now, click link at right.

Report from January Luncheon Meeting
The first Luncheon meeting of the new year was held on Thursday 17th February at the Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
Our guest speaker was one of the most respected analysts of the Japanese economy, Mr. Robert Feldman, Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley Japan Limited.
Mr. Feldman gave us a very good insight in the present situation of the Japanese economy, and views on the future outlook. He gave, in contrary to many voices in the media, fairly good marks for Prime Minister Koizumi's reform campaign so far. Mr. Feldman also predicted, that the current weakness of the yen would soon be over.
The meeting was attended by 54 members and guests, including representatives from the other Scandinavian Chambers.

For more about the meeting, and photos, click link at right.

SCCJ Business Luncheon
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, jointly with DCCJ, FCCJ and NBF, offer you a rare opportunity to listen to Mr. Jörgen Lindegaard, President and CEO of  Scandinavian Airlines 
Date & Time: Monday, 4 February, 12:00-14:00
Place: International House
5-11-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Cost:6,000 yen
If you would like to attend, please register by clicking link at right.

FCCJ Seminar:
Tax Issues for Expatriates
It is soon taxation time for most expats. To give you an insight in the Japanese taxation, and some valuable tips, FCCJ organizes the second tax seminar were Mr. Yoshinori Sano, Certified Public Accountant, FCCJ member and well known among the Finnish business community, is our expert on these issues.
Preliminary content
  • Classification by resident status
  • Tax convention (treaty)
  • Non-taxable/taxable benefits
  • Deductions from income/tax table
  • Local inhabitant tax
  • Quasi-income tax return
  • Stock options
  • Q & A
  • Date & Time: Fri 1 or Mon. 4 March 18:00-20:00
    Place: Nippon Finnpap, Akasaka, Tokyo
    Fee: 5,000 yen (incl. light meal)

    We have still two options for the date (see above), so when you register, please inform which date you prefer, or if both are OK.
    EBC Seminar:
    Corporate Tax Reform in Japan
    Date & Time: Wednesday, 27 February, 17:00-19:00
    Place: EU-Japan Centre
    Cost: 2,000 yen
    The corporate tax regime in Japan is undergoing a period of fundamental change. Tax facilitated corporate reorganisations were introduced in FY2001, and a consolidated tax system will be retroactively be introduced for FY2002. How will these changes affect your business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these reforms?
    Join experts from the EBC's Tax Committee in an open session exploring these issues. A Q&A session will form part of the event.
    For more about the seminar, and registration form, click link at right.

    EU-Japan Centre Seminar:
    "Effective Recruitment Strategies in Japan"
    Date & Time: Thursday, 24 January, 14.00-16.00
    Location: EU-Japan Centre, Conference room 4F
    In spite of the recent mobility in the mid-career recruitment market, European companies in Japan still face difficulties to locate, attract and retain Japanese top talent at competitive costs. The new generation of Japanese professionals thinks differently about business, life and career. They are willing to change companies and seek new positions for their career advancement.
    In order to make the difference, foreign companies in Japan need to understand the mindset of Japanese job-seekers, the recruiting practices, and evaluate the variety of recruitment channels available.
    This seminar is aimed at providing European companies in Japan with information about :
    1. The impact of the recession on Japan's labor market
    2. Recruitment methods available in Japan
    3. How to maximize recruitment efficiency using the internet
    4. Applying "diversity" recruiting in Japan.
    For more about the seminar, and registration form, click link at right.

    News from Finland
    Nordea sees the light
    Nordea Bank said exports of mobile phones and paper will pick up rapidly this year, pushing GDP growth up to 2.8 %, rising next year to 4.2 %. It sees electronics surging early in the year, though forest firms must wait till the latter half.

    Private spending will exceed even last year's record spree despite a rise in unemployment to 9.5 %, though corporate investment will stagnate.
    A spokesman said the upturn could be surprisingly strong. The predictions assume that the US will pick up significantly this spring, followed by the eurozone a few months later.
    After a euro-induced peak in January, inflation will fall off to just 1.5 %, Nordea said.

    Grin of the Week
    Doctor Joke...
    Doctor: I have some bad news and some very bad news.
    Patient: Well, might as well give me the bad news first.
    Doctor: The lab called with your test results. They said you have 24 hours to live.
    Patient: 24 HOURS! Thats terrible!! WHAT could be WORSE?
    Doctor: I've been trying to reach you since yesterday.

    Have nice week and
    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

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