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  ISSUE 24/2002

20 August, 2002  


Soon the businesses should be back to normal speed after the holiday seasons. Working in this "bilateral" Japan-Finland environment, one feels that the activities slow down for almost two months. The Finns have their holidays mainly in July while in Japan people take their vacations in August, although much shorter, (e.g. I am off next Monday...).

August Luncheon Meeting
Erik Ullner
If the money is burning in your pocket, we have a suitable luncheon meeting theme in August; How to Invest?
Luncheon details:
Date & Time:Friday 30 August, 12:00-14:00
Place: Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Nikko Room (B1F)
Cost:7,000 yen at the door
Registration:by Wednesday 28 August
Our speaker is Erik Ullner, Chief Representative of Konigstedt Ltd.
Erik has spent most of his life in Japan working for several Finnish companies and for the last 15 years been involved in private banking at companies like Citibank, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.
Since 2000 he is Senior Partner and Chief Representative of Konigstedt Ltd.
Erik is also a member of the FCCJ board and our representative in the EBC Executive Board.

Invitations have been sent by mail to our members, but you could also register by clicking link at right, at latest by Wednesday 28 August.
FCCJ News No. 21 - Correction
We apologize for an error in the August edition of our newsletter. We claimed that Nokia Japan's head office has moved to their Meguro office. This is incorrect. The head office is still in Akasaka, (2-13-5, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO 100-0014) even though several functions have moved to Meguro, and the president of the company has his office there.
I misunderstood a "change of address card" we received from Nokia. I realize now that I should not try to read Japanese when I do not command it properly.... gomennasai...

The newsletter was mailed out last week, in case you have not received it, or need additional (corrected...) copies, click link at right.
EU-Japan Centre Training Programs in Japan for EU Managers
The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation operates several training programs in Japan for EU managers.

For over twelve years, the Centre - a not-for-profit public organisation - has been running these training programs in Japan on behalf of the Directorate General for Enterprise of the European Commission and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

During the next 10 months there are four programs
  • Challenge to World Class Manufacturing 15.-25.10.2002
  • HRTP 33 - Japan Industry Insight 3.-28.2.2003
  • Distribution & Business Practices 3.-14.3.2003
  • Innovation Made in Japan 12.-22.5.2003

    There is neither a tuition nor a registration fee: the EU-Japan Centre covers all costs directly related to the programmes. The participant's company commits itself to cover the participants's travel costs to and from Japan as well as living expenses in Japan (including accommodation). However, accommodation is provided free of charge for HRTP participants who stay at hotels recommended by the centre. All travel expenses for group field trips are borne by the Centre. Accommodation outside Tokyo during HRTP group field trips is also provided by the Centre.

    For more information and applocation forms, click link at right.

    News from Finland
    Fifth MD-11 for Finnair - more flights to Japan
    Finnair has decided to acquire a fifth MD-11 aircraft for its long-haul fleet. The aircraft is to join the Finnair fleet in the first half of 2003 on a long-term lease.

    As of June next year, the additional capacity brought by the new aircraft will be used to increase frequencies to Japan and Finnair's other Far East destinations. Passenger numbers on Finnair's Asian routes increased by 17 percent last year and 40 percent in the first half of this year.

    More to come regarding Finnair's plans for Japan...
    Grin of the Week
    "Every day 150 soccer fields full of new trees..."
    Now we know why Finland did not qualify for the World Cup. There are probably no soccer fields left in the country.... they are all filled with trees.

    Well, this is of course a joke, but could not help making it when reading a notice from the Finnish forest industry with the above header.
    But the story as such is interesting, please read on:
    "Every summer day the growth of tree bodies in Finland amounts up to some 2-3 million cubic meters. Imagine a full size soccer field fully covered with trees up to 2.5 m high - the height of the goal at each end of the field. It would take 150(!) such soccer fields to fill up the daily growth in Finland. In one month, newly grown tree material reaches to 65 - 85 million cubic meters. As the annual cutting rate in Finland is 60 million cubics per year, the regrowth covers the cutting in one summer month.
    Especially this year the warm summer has boosted up the growth tremendously.
    Check here for details !

  • BTW, talking about growth. The Finnish exports to Japan also showed a healthy growth in the first third of this year. In the January-April period it grew by 22 %. Check the Trade Statistics section at our web site for more info.

    That's about it for now. Will be back next week with more information, facts and stories....

    Enjoy your work &
    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to: fccj@gol.com

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