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  ISSUE 16/2013 19 June 2013  
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As the holiday season approaches we had our last event before the summer break on Monday, a luncheon meeting with Mr. Norio Sasaki, President & CEO, Toshiba Corporation. Read the report below.

Our first event after the break, the traditional Yakatabune Cruise, will held be on Thursday, 29 August, details below. The registrations for the 11th Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup has also been opened, so golfers read more about this exciting event below.

One more date to put in your calendar; the Scandinavian Christmas Party will be held on Friday, 13 December at our regular venue, Westin Tokyo Hotel.

Before leaving on his summer vacation in Finland, we got a new contribution from Timo Varhama in his column Aoyama View, this time titled "FCCJ Moves, Japan Moves ".
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Report from the Luncheon Meeting with Norio Sasaki, President & CEO, Toshiba Corporation

At our luncheon meeting on Monday, 17 June we had a prominent Japanese business leader, Mr. Norio Sasaki, President & CEO, Toshiba Corporation, as our guest speaker. The title of Mr. Sasaki's presentation was: "Toshiba's Contribution to Suomi and its Challenge for Energy Innovation"

In his presentation, Mr. Sasaki first briefly explained about Toshiba, its businesses and the several areas where it is the Global No. 1 in market share or technology. He then explained about the nuclear power in the world and in Japan and ended off his presentation about the nuclear power in Finland and Toshiba's contribution to provide a total package solution for Finland. Toshiba is currently involved in the bidding processes for two reactors in Finland, one in Pyhajoki by Fennovoima, the other in Olkiluoto by TVO.

The meeting, attended by 40 members and guests, was concluded with a very active Q&A session.

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Thursday, 29 August - FCCJ Yakatabune Event
Finnair AY4159 - Honka HJ4169 Code Share Cruise

Based on the success of last three yearfs cruises we have again decided to start off the FCCJ Autumn season in style and with some great fun, please join us for the Finnair AY4159 - Finn Tour FT4120 Code Share Yakatabune Cruise on Thursday, 29 August, now with a bigger (capacity 80) and fancier boat!

We have chartered our own Yakatabune boat. It starts at Asakusa touring down Sumida River to Odaiba and back in 2.5 hours. During the cruise you could enjoy a great Japanese tempura-sashimi dinner and drinks in the “all-you-can-eat & drink” style.

Date & Time:Thursday, 29 August , 18.30-21:00
Embarkation: Funayado Miuraya, 1-1-10, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku , Tokyo
Cost:8,000 yen for members, non-members 10,000 yen
Registration:by Monday, 26 August

We expect the event to be sold out this year as well, so please sign up soon to secure your seats!
For more information and registration form for the event, click link at right.

Friday, 4 October - The North-America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan
Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2013 - Registration Open!

We are pleased to announce that the 11th North America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan, the Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2013, will be played on Friday, 4 October, at the same venue as in previous years, the Atsugi Kokusai Country Club in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The organizing task-force and Mercedes Benz Japan are working hard to make the event a memorable one for all participants. Similar to last year JLPA pros will join us on the course and there will also be an "after-party", free for all players with spouses at, the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Nogizaka (close to Tokyo Midtown) on the week after the event.

The participation fees are same as last year, i.e. a 3,000 yen non-refundable registration fee and a 21,000 yen fee (paid to the club) for the play, caddie, lunch and party and a lot of great prizes, for a total of 24,000 yen. Note that bus transportation is free for the 40 first to sign-up for it.

Sponsoring the event
If you want to promote your company through this event, and its web site, please sign up as a sponsor. Your contribution could be either money or goods/services. Sponsorship starts from 40,000 yen (100,000 yen in goods services).

To sign-up as player and/or sponsor, please click link at right.
News from Finland

Low income, less retirement and a shorter life
On average, Finnish men with lower incomes enjoy less retirement time as they die earlier than higher-income earning men.

According to actuary Olli Pusa, lower-income earning men who are now 35-years-old will spend, on average, five years of retirement before dying whereas those with higher incomes will enjoy 16 more years of retirement.

The differences are owing to work, health and lifestyle choices.

Approximately one-third of men who fall into the lowest income bracket never reach the retirement age of 63 as they die much earlier than the wealthy.

Grin of the Week

Secrets of a Long Life

An old man was relaxing at his hundredtenth birthday party when a reporter went up to him.
"Sir, what is the secret of your long life?"

The man considered this for a moment, then replied, "Every day at 9 PM I have a glass of port. Good for the heart I've heard."

The reporter replied, "That's ALL?"

The man smiled, "That, and canceling my voyage on the Titanic."
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Clas G. Bystedt
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