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  ISSUE 14/2006

15 June 2006  


Sometimes you envy those living in Finland, or Europe...
Like if you like to watch the World Soccer Championships in Germany. If you are in Japan, you either ruin your nights sleep, or waste productive working hours by watching the replays next afternoon. This email bulletin was delayed by a couple of hours because I had to go and check the replay of Tunisia-Saudi Arabia game every now and then....
Escapes me why they show most of the replays daytime, and not in the evening.

But of course, it is only sports and as Finland did not qualify, and Japan's participation might be cut short after the qualifying round, we don't need to be that fanatic about the Championships, but it is good entertainment from time to time.

Wed. 21 June - FCCJ Luncheon Meeting with Ambassador Julin

At the next luncheon meeting on Wednesday 21 June our speaker will be H.E.. Mr. Jorma Julin, Ambassador of Finland to Japan.

Ambassador Julin will speak around the theme: "Finland's EU Presidency July-December 2006" Finland will take over the Presidency of the European Union on July 1. What are her priorities and objectives and what does it mean for EU-Japan relations?


Date & Time:Wednesday 21 June, 12:00-14:00
Place: Embassy of Finland
Cost:7,000 yen for members, non-members 8,000 yen
(collected at the door)
Registration:by Monday 19 June

  Profile of Ambassador Julin
Before taking up his position in Tokyo in September 2005, Ambassador Julin served as Counsellor for Foreign Affairs. Mr Julin entered the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1971 and has held posts in the Finnish missions in Bonn and Teheran and the Permanent Delegation of Finland to the OECD in Paris. He has been the Finnish Ambassador to Seoul and, from 2000 until 2005, Head of the Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris. At the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, he has served, among others, as Director and, from 1996 to 2000, as Director General of the Department for External Economic Relations.

If you would like to attend and have not yet registered, please click link at right.
JETRO Seminar and Networking Reception:
Wed. 5 July - Japan's New Corporation Law and Business Opportunities for Foreign- Affiliated Companies

As part of a new activity to promote and assist secondary investment in Japan, JETRO will hold a seminar on 5th July, 15:00-17:50, with two Japanese experts on Japan's Corporate System Reforms, the new corporate law, and new business chances for foreign affiliates. This will be followed by a reception from 6 p.m. It will be held at JETRO headquarters in Akasaka.


Date & Time:Wednesday 5 July, 15:00-17:50
Place: JETRO Headquarters  5F    MAP
Registration:by Friday 30 June

If you are interested in this event, click link below.
Osaka City Government Office of Urban Revitalization and Promotion:
Thu. 6 July - Tokyo Business Leaders' Forum

The Osaka City Government Office of Urban Revitalization and Promotion is currently strengthening linkages with the foreign business community. The purpose is to create a favorable environment to attract more foreign investment into Osaka.

The Forum is designed to enable leaders of the foreign business community in Tokyo to learn at first hand what is happening in Osaka. For the City of Osaka it is an opportunity to find out what foreign executives in Tokyo think about Osaka and to exchange views especially relating to urban regeneration, new business creation, and city promotion.


Date & Time:Thursday 6 July, 15:00-17:50
Place: New Otani Hotel (Azalea Room)
Registration:by Friday 30 June

To know more about the Forum, click link below. For further details you could also contact Alex Stewart at Alexander Capital Access Co. Ltd.
Seminar organized by interlogueJEB Ltd. supported by the EU-Japan Centre
Thu. 29 - Fri 30 June - Experience Excellence in Production: Toyota

I would like to draw your attention to our seminar, entitled "Experience Excellence in Production: Toyota" organized by interlogueJEB Ltd, which will take place on June 29th and June 30th, 2006. The seminar is supported by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

Experts will provide you with a unique insight into the processes and strategies of the world's most successful car maker: Toyota. The speakers have years of experience dealing with the Toyota Production System and its implementation in Germany and Japan.

The program consists of an afternoon seminar with lectures and discussion on Thursday, June 29th in Tokyo, and a whole-day company tour on Friday, June 30th, starting from Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture.

Participation costs JPY 50,000 per person. The fees cover:
  • tutition as well as attendance to the lectures and factory visits;
  • the coach transportation (from Okazaki to the plants and then on to Nagoya station);
  • lunch on Friday 30/6, as well as coffee and light snacks during the Tokyo seminar on Thursday;

    For more information and registration, click link below.
    News from Finland

    Finnish mobile phone subscription count exceeds population

    The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority said Tuesday that there were about 5.28 million mobile phone subscriptions in Finland - about 20,000 more than the country's population.

    Just over one billion mobile phone calls were made and 727 million text messages sent in the first quarter of the year.

    Grin of the week

    Teacher Arrested

    At New York's Kennedy Airport today, an individual, later discovered to be a public school teacher, was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a setsquare, a slide rule, and a calculator.

    At a morning press conference, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He is being charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

    "Al-gebra is a fearsome cult, "Gonzales said. They desire average solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in a search of absolute value.

    They use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as unknowns, but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle."

    When asked to comment on the arrest, President Bush said, "If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes."

  • After our luncheon meeting next Wednesday we will have a summer break in our activities. The next event is a Club Evening at Juniper Cafe & Bar at Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills on Monday 28 August. Mark this in your calendar already now!

    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt
    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to: fccj@gol.com

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