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  ISSUE 11/2010 13 May 2010  
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The results of the Foreign Chambers in Japan Business Confidence Survey - Spring 2010 themed "The Lights Are on Again ? Clear Improvements Expected" are now available.

Over the line, this survey shows improvements, in many cases rather significant, both regarding the outlook for the Japanese economy and the performance of the surveyed companies, compared to the previous survey (Fall 2009).

The economy for the next 6 months is expected to further improve, the index (on a scale from +2 to -2) was now +0.59 (compared to +0.25 in fall 2009), and looking 12 months ahead, the companies see a continued turn for the better - the index shows +0.79 (+0.66 in the previous survey). Even more importantly, the forecasts for the coming six months for sales and profitability both show a notable growth. The sales forecast index was +0.88 (previous survey +0.47) and that for profitability +0.76 (+0.40). Only 7% expect a further some or strong decline in sales and only 8% profitability, while 89% and 73% respectively see strong or some improvement. For the full report, click here!

This week we also have a new contribution from the Japan veteran in Finnish business and paper salesman on Aoyama dori in the column "Aoyama View" at our web site. This time the column titled "Lack of leadership, party politics ruin lofty principles, all credibility lost - Hatoyama has to go!". Click banner at right to read the column!

  Thursday, 13 May - FCIJ Business Confidence Survey Luncheon
Richard Jerram, Head of Asian Economics, Macquarie Capital Securities

The Foreign Chambers in Japan Business Confidence Survey - Spring 2010 was presented at a joint luncheon meeting organized by the American Chamber (ACCJ) on Thursday, 13 May 2010 at Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo was and attended by 82 members from 13 foreign chambers in Japan.

After a brief introduction of the background, purpose and methodology of the survey and presentation of some notable results by Ian deStains, Executive Director of the BCCJ and Clas Bystedt, Executive Director of FCCJ, the floor was given to Richard Jerram, Head of Asian Economics, Macquarie Capital Securities

Mr. Jerram gave reference to the salient points of the survey, but spent more time presenting his views of how the economy is developing, at times referring to the survey. His conclusion of the Japanese economic outlook was "A good cyclical recovery but deflation heads a list of problems".

For a report from the event, click link at right!
Thursday, 20 May - FCCJ Luncheon Meeting
The Finnish Institute in Japan and HIRAMEKI Design X Finland

The themes for our luncheon meeting on Thursday, 20 May are "The Finnish Institute in Japan" and
"HIRAMEKI Design X Finland"

We will have four speakers: Heikki Mäkipää, Director and Aarne Toivonen, Culture and Communications Manager, Finnish Institute in Japan as well as Sirpa Fourastie and Hanna Punnonen, Project Managers at Design Forum Finland.

See details below.

Date & Time:Thursday, 20 May , 12.00-14:00
Venue: Hotel Okura, Atlantic Room (Main Bldg. 1F) MAP
Cost:6,000 yen for members, non-members 8,000 yen (collected at the door)
Registration:by Tuesday, 18 May

About HIRAMEKI Design X Finland
HIRAMEKI Design X Finland showcases the current phenomena of new Finnish design matched with evergreen classics during the Tokyo Designers Week in the autumn 2010. The venue of the exhibition is Living Design Center Ozone located in the Shinjuku area.

The Hirameki export promotion platform aims at delivering a current and wide perspective of Finnish design to the Japanese audience, opening new business opportunities for Finnish companies and designers as well as creating and strengthening long-term Finnish-Japanese co-operation.

Hirameki targets the Japanese industry, consumers and general public as well as Finnish and Japanese culture and business media.

Hirameki is produced by Design Forum Finland in collaboration with Living Design Center Ozone and the Finnish Institute in Japan.

Sunday, 12 - Thursday, 16 September
Vladivostok Study Tour

To evaluate the opportunities for tri-party cooperation between Finland, Japan and Russia in the Russia Far East Region, the FCCJ in cooperation with Finpro and Tekes is conducting a study and fact finding tour to Vladivostok in September.

The main objective of the tour is to find out more about the business prospects the area will offer for Finnish and Japanese companies. In addition, the tour will create opportunities to meet and discuss cooperation with governmental and business organizations at the highest level as well as with corporations that could be potential partners in future business projects. Additionally, the tour will foster increased cooperation between the participating companies.

As the program is drawn up by Finpro and the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, it creates a unique opportunity to meet with local decision makers at the highest level. There will also be a meeting with Japan Center in Vladivostok and get to know Japanese business people operating in the area.

Note that we need tentative indication of interest a.s.a.p. to be able to start working on the program.
For more information and registration, click link at right!
News from Finland

Finland's PM: Blaming banks for Greek crisis is pointless

Matti Vanhanen (centre), Finland's prime minister, told the Finnish Parliament on Wednesday that it is pointless to make banks the scapegoat for the Greek crisis.

The cause of the crisis is government overspending, Mr Vanhanen continued, and therefore the blame cannot be placed on the banks and financial institutions.

The prime minister added that the difficult financial situation in Greece has been known for a long time but due to a lack of options, no action was taken earlier.

Finland's Parliament is to vote on the supplementary budget required for the Greek bailout package in its plenary session later on Wednesday.

Grin of the Week

Reality check

At a jury trial with the jury consisting of 8 men and 4 women:

" Defendant: "Your Honor, I wish to change my plea."

Judge: "Is someone using undue influence to prompt you to change your mind?"

Defendant: "No sir, when I pleaded Not Guilty I didn't know there would be women on the jury. Since I can't even fool my wife, I'll never be able to fool the four women jurors."
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