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  ISSUE 17/2013 12 July 2013  
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Although many of my readers are on, or planning for, their summer vacation, we are busily preparing for an exciting and interesting line of events for our autumn season. The first event after the break, the traditional Yakatabune Cruise, will held be on Thursday, 29 August, details below. The registrations for the 11th Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup are ongoing, so golfers read more about this exciting event below.

One more date to put in your calendar; on Wednesday, 25 September we will organize a luncheon meeting with the new Finnair CEO, Pekka Vauramo. We will also invite members of the other Nordic chambers to this event. Put the date in your calendar, more information in my coming bulletins.

Despite being busy preparing for his move to the mountains, Timo Varhama has written a new contribution in his column Aoyama View, this time titled "Travel Report from Finland - plus some more ".
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Thursday, 29 August - FCCJ Yakatabune Event
Finnair AY4159 - Honka HJ4169 Code Share Cruise

Based on the success of last three yearfs cruises we have again decided to start off the FCCJ Autumn season in style and with some great fun, please join us for the Finnair AY4159 - Finn Tour FT4120 Code Share Yakatabune Cruise on Thursday, 29 August, now with a bigger (capacity 80) and fancier boat!

We have chartered our own Yakatabune boat. It starts at Asakusa touring down Sumida River to Odaiba and back in 2.5 hours. During the cruise you could enjoy a great Japanese tempura-sashimi dinner and drinks in the “all-you-can-eat & drink” style.

Date & Time:Thursday, 29 August , 18.30-21:00
Embarkation: Funayado Miuraya, 1-1-10, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku , Tokyo
Cost:8,000 yen for members, non-members 10,000 yen
Registration:by Monday, 26 August

We expect the event to be sold out this year as well, so please sign up soon to secure your seats!
For more information and registration form for the event, click link at right.

Friday, 4 October - The North-America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan
Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2013 - Registration Open!

We are pleased to announce that the 11th North America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan, the Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup 2013, will be played on Friday, 4 October, at the same venue as in previous years, the Atsugi Kokusai Country Club in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The organizing task-force and Mercedes Benz Japan are working hard to make the event a memorable one for all participants. Similar to last year JLPA pros will join us on the course and there will also be an "after-party", free for all players with spouses at, the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Nogizaka (close to Tokyo Midtown) on the week after the event.

The participation fees are same as last year, i.e. a 3,000 yen non-refundable registration fee and a 21,000 yen fee (paid to the club) for the play, caddie, lunch and party and a lot of great prizes, for a total of 24,000 yen. Note that bus transportation is free for the 40 first to sign-up for it.

Sponsoring the event
If you want to promote your company through this event, and its web site, please sign up as a sponsor. Your contribution could be either money or goods/services. Sponsorship starts from 40,000 yen (100,000 yen in goods services).

To sign-up as player and/or sponsor, please click link at right.
Wednesday, 24 July - ACCJ Tokyo 2020 Olympics Task Force
What Will the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bring to Japan?

The countdown has begun. With less than two months remaining before the IOC vote on September 7th, we are entering the final lap for selection of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics host city. Will Tokyo come out on top?

Come hear Toyota Motor Corporation Honorary Chairman Fujio Cho, who has been a vocal advocate for the Tokyo 2020 bid, discuss Tokyo's chances and share what hosting the Games will mean for all of Japan, including the business community and the nation's youth. In addition to leading the world's largest automaker, he has actively promoted the Tokyo 2020 bid, presenting to the IOC Evaluation Commission during its visit in March to voice the support of Japanese companies for the Games.

Fujio Cho is Honorary Chairman of the Board of Toyota Motor Corporation and Chairman of the Japan Sports Association. For more, please refer to this link.

Date & Time:Wednesday, 24 July , 11.45-13:45
Embarkation: Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Grand Ballroom MAP
Cost:7,400 yen for members, non-members 9,400 yen
Registration:by Friday, 19 July

Please join the ACCJ Tokyo 2020 Olympics Task Force for this special event! Please note the earlier than usual start time for this event and arrive promptly. For a registration form for the event, click link below.
Avanti! Chamber Ensemble Tour in Japan, 2013
Request for Sponsorship

Finland, where a number of music festivals are held every year, is known as one of the leading countries in the area of contemporary music. However, Finnish contemporary music has had few chances to be introduced in Japan so far. This October, we invite 6 members from Avanti! Chamber Orchestra to hold concerts in three cities: Yokohama, Tokyo, and Kanazawa. The members are composed of four string players (2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 violoncello), a pianist and the music director/ clarinet player, Kari Kriikku, who is also famous in Japan.

The concerts are coordinated by Japanese renowned composer, Toshi Ichiyanagi, who is also associated with Finland. The program varies from Sibelius to pieces by talented contemporary Finnish composers as well as new work by Ichiyanagi specially commissioned for these concerts. Before 2015, 150th anniversary of Sibeliusfs birth, these concerts will help introducing Finnish music into Japan and developing cultural exchange between the two countries.

We sincerely appreciate your kind understanding for the purpose of these concerts, and possibly, we would like you to support this highly significant cultural event.

For more information, clcik link at right. If you are interested to support the tour, please contact Ulla Kinnunen at the Finnish Institute in Japan, email:

Friday, 12 July - Monday, 30 September - Exhibition at Takenaka's A4 Gallery
Summer home of Tove Jansson - Life in Klovharu and Moomin story -

To introduce the charm of Tove Jansson, also popular in Japan as a writer of Moomin, Takenaka Komuten orhanizes an exhibition at the A4 Gallery at their head office from today until 30 September. Tove Jansson spent every summer for almost 30 years until 1991 (when she was 77 years) in a hut she had built on the Klovharu rocky islet in the Gulf of Finland.

The exhibition under the subtitle, Message from Tove Jansson 'Borderless World - Sea and Forest, People and People' consists of 3 parts discribing from Jansson's creations and Moomin to life in nature in Finland. the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson's birth will be celebrated next year in 2014.

For more information and opening hours, click link at right (Japanese only).

News from Finland

GDP down sharply in April
Finnish GDP fell by 2.4 percent in April compared with the previous month, according to figures released on Tuesday by Statistics Finland. The drop compared with April 2012 was 4.2 percent.

Graphic of the GPD growth in last 12 motnths. economic graph with map of Finland

The statistics were adjusted for the number of working days, as April this year had two more working days than the previous yearfs April.

Last October was the only month in the past year when the economy actually grew.

Secondary production was down by nine percent compared to the previous April, while services fell by two percent. Primary production, on the other hand, grew by two percent.

The statisticians also corrected figures for March to give a one percent decline on the same month a year earlier.

Grin of the Week

Climbing the organization tree

The organization is like a tree full of monkeys, all on different limbs at different levels. Some monkeys are climbing up, some down.

The monkeys on top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces. The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes.
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