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  ISSUE 19/2003

11 September, 2003  


As you could see from this rather long bulletin, there's a lot of events for the foreign business community in Japan coming up. Much thanks to an intensified cooperation between the Chambers, which benefits all members. And promise you, there's much more to come!

September Luncheon Meeting

Our September Luncheon is a joint Nordic meeting organized by the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The guest speaker is Jesper Koll, Chief Economist, Merrill Lynch Japan and the theme of his presentation is: "Japan - From Kamikaze Capitalism towards Post-Industrial Prosperity"

Date & Time:Wednesday, 24 September, 12:00-14:00
Place: Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Take Room, B2F [MAP]
Cost:7,000 yen (collected at the door)
Registration:by Friday 19 September

Before becoming the Chief Economist for Merrill Lynch in 1999, Jesper Koll was a Managing Director of Tiger Management L.L.C. and he was the Chief Economist and Head of Economic and Market Research for J.P. Morgan in Tokyo. He has been serving on several Japanese government advisory councils. Recently, he was chosen as a member of a task force within the Economic Planning Agency that reassesses the viability of the economic indicators now in use. His major published work includes Towards a New Japanese Golden Age.

If you would like to attend, and have not yet registered, please click link below.
The First Annual North America - Europe Golf Challenge in Japan
DaimlerChrysler Cup - last reminder

There is a few slots still available in the first annual North American-Europe Golf Challenge in Japan, the DaimlerChrysler Cup, played on Friday, 26 September at Atsugi Kokusai C.C. in Kanagawa prefecture.

For futher information and registration, visit the dedicated website by clicking link below. Participation is restricted to 72 Europeans and 72 North Americans in this inaugural challenge.

Note that registration is through the web site only, and you should do it at latest tomorrow Friday at 15:00!

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - JOHOGEN Seminar
"Marketing Strategies for Today's Japan"
 by Kenneth A. Grossberg, Professor of Marketing, Waseda Business School

This seminar will examine current trends in Japanese marketing as well as the pitfalls and obstacles to crafting a successful marketing strategy in Japan. Topics will include:
  • the mixed record of foreign organizations in the Japanese market
  • necessary steps to create a winning Japan marketing strategy
  • the near future of marketing in Japan.


    Date & Time:Thursday, 18 September 14:00-16:00
    Place: to be confirmed

    For more information and registration, please click link below.
    JIL Seminar for Foreign-affiliated Companies in Japan:
    "The Revised Labor-Related Laws"

    The Japan Institute of Labour (JIL) annually holds seminars for executives and labor-management personnel of foreign affiliates in Japan. For this year, the program will focus on the recent revisions to the labor-related laws including the Labour Standards Law and the Worker Dispatching Law.


    Date & Time: Wednesday, 24 September 15:00-17:30
    Place: ANA Hotel Tokyo, Galaxy III, B1F

    A similar seminar will be held in Osaka on Friday, 26 September.

    For more information on these seminars and registration form, please click link below.
    The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan in cooperation with BLCCJ, CCCJ, NCCJ, FCCJ, SCCJ and SCCIJ:
    "Architecture in Japan "
     by Dr AA Sultan

    The BCCJ invites members of other chambers to a joint luncheon meeting with the theme: "Architecture in Japan: A journey to the architecture of Japan, illustrating the cultural, planning and design concepts that form both the traditional and modern architectures, with examples from both architectures."


    Date & Time:Thursday, 9 October 12:00 - 14:00
    Place: Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Misao Room, B1F [MAP]
    Cost:6,000 yen
    Registration:by Friday, 3 October

    A practicing architect in Japan and the USA, Manny obtained masters and doctorate degrees in engineering (architecture) from the University of Tokyo in 1977 and 1980 respectively. He was awarded the 1995 Tokyo Architectural Design Excellence Award for his work on the Rolex Building in Tokyo. He is the designer of numerous projects, especially for foreign corporations in Japan.

    For more info and registration, please click link at right to the BCCJ web site. Note that when you register you should respond NO at the prompt "Are you a Member?". This is because their system will require a BCCJ membership number if you respond YES. But you will be charged member fee.
    News from Finland

    Handelsbanken forecasts Finnish GDP growth accelerates 2004

    Swedish banking group Handelsbanken predicts the Finnish economy will be towed to pretty robust, export-driven growth next year, the bank said in its report on Wednesday. The bank, however, slightly lowered its growth estimate for 2003 as the Finnish industry has to wait for a pick up in foreign demand.

    Individual consumption will be the engine for growth in 2003, the bank said. It is expected to strengthen further next year, whereas investment spending is seen to recover slowly.

    Handelsbanken now forecasts the Finnish gross domestic product to grow 1.8 per cent in 2003. The forecast for 2004 was lifted 0.4 percentage points to 3.1 per cent.
    Grin of the week

    Another news from Finland...

    Open Source Community Developing Their Own Viruses
    By Brian Briggs

    Helsinki, Finland - Open source developers plan to challenge Microsoft's dominance in the world of viruses by developing their own through the Open Virus Project (OVP), and unlike proprietary Microsoft viruses, the open source versions will infect across all platforms.

    Heading the development of the OVP is Jukka Koskelin. He explained, "We took a look at the virus marketspace and realized that Microsoft has over a 95% share of all viruses developed. I don't think the Linux community can be taken seriously if we don't increase our share in that area...."
  • A final, and perhaps important note. I will take a couple off days of next week, combining with the long weekend. Will be back on Thursday 18th at around 15:00, All Nippon Airways permitting. I might be able to read my mail, but if you don't get response when you mail me, you know the reason (I couldn't...).

    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to: fccj@gol.com

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