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  ISSUE 10/2013 11 April 2013  
Dear !*TITLE*! !*LASTNAME*!,

This is the final reminder for the Stora Enso Cup, played on Friday, 19 April at G.C. Narita Hitree. If you would like to play and have not yet signed up, do so at latest tomorrow Friday! More about the event below.

In this bulletin I also have details of our Luncheon with Timo Varhama, President, UPM-Kymmene Japan KK on Thursday, 16 May. Timo will retire at the end of May so this is a good opportunity for all members to thank him for his contribution to our chamber and to hear the experiences and opinions of our "senior statesman". Read more below!

Yesterday we started the 23rd edition - Spring 2013 - of the Foreign Chambers Business Confidence survey. In addition to our regular questions regarding the Japanese economy and companies' performance, we also have questions about the opinions on Abenomics and the influence of the trade agreements (FTA with Europe and TPP). Will be interesting to see the results.
I sent out the survey announcement to our Finnish affiliated companies yesterday but in case you missed it, the survey is here.

Friday, 19 April - Stora Enso Cup
Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge - Spring 2013

The 22nd Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge - the Stora Enso Cup - is played on Friday, 19 April for a trophy donated by Stora Enso Japan K.K.. At the same time we also play the FCCJ Cup for FCCJ members and the SCCJ Spring Cup for SCCJ members.

The venue this time is Golf Club Narita Hitree, in Chiba prefecture. First tee-off is at 9:12 and the cost is 16,000 yen, all included (play fee, caddie, lunch and party after play).

For a flyer of the event, which also includes the access map and registration form, click link below.
Thursday, 16 May - FCCJ Luncheon Meeting
Timo Varhama, President, UPM-Kymmene Japan KK

Our next regular luncheon meeting will be held on Thursday, 16 May when we have Mr. Timo Varhama, President of UPM-Kymmene Japan KK as our speaker.

Mr. Varhama will retire at the end of May after a long and distinguished career at Finnpap, Nippon Finnpap and UPM-Kymmene Japan. He also served as President of FCCJ from 2003 to 2005 and is currently a member of our Board of Trustees.

This is a good opportunity for all members to thank him for his contribution to our chamber and to hear the experiences and opinions of our "senior statesman".

Date & Time:Thursday, 16 May , 12.00-14:00
Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Drawing Room 2F [MAP]
Cost:Members 6,000 yen, Guests 8,000 yen
Registration:by Friday, 10 May

About Timo Varhama
Timo Varhama was born in Helsinki 1948 but spent his school years in Lahti. After graduating from Helsinki School of Economics he joined Finnpap, the export joint sales organization of Finnish paper companies.

Next 15 years he spent in paper sales around the world including permanent stints in Australia and Norway as well as in management in Helsinki head office, last 3 years as Sales Director.

He came to Japan first time in 1987 as Vice President of Nippon Finnpap Ltd., then moved to Finnpap Australia as Vice Managing Director in 1992.

In 1997 Timo was called back to Japan as President of Nippon Finnpap, which then changed to UPM Kymmene Japan KK, a 100% owned subsidiary of UPM Corporation covering all UPM products, in 2004.

If you would like to attend, please click link below. We collect the luncheon fee at the hotel. Note that we have to invoice the lunch fee for cancellations after 13:00 on Monday, 13 May and "no-shows". If you require vegetarian food, please note this in your registrations.

Request for cooperation in research project

Jouni Laitinen, a Master's degree student at the University of Jyvaskyla is currently conducting research for his master's thesis, which discusses the effects of culture on knowledge sharing in international organizations. The research is being co-supervised by professors from University of Jyvaskyla and from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Below is his own introduction and if you are prepared to cooperate with him, please contact him directly. Note that he speaks Japanese and has cooperation with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, so language should not be a problem.

Hello, My name is Jouni Laitinen and I am pursuing a Master's degree on mobile technologies and business at the University of Jyvaskyla. Currently, I am doing research on how culture effects knowledge sharing. Understanding the connection between culture and knowledge sharing is important as it helps organizations to improve knowledge sharing policies and practices. It has been shown that more efficient knowledge sharing is linked to improved financial performance via improved innovation capability. The goal of this research is to create a framework, which organizations can use to improve their knowledge sharing policies and initiatives. Participating in this research only requires a short interview session, which should take no more than 45 minutes.
Interviews can be carried out via Skype or in person in Japan during late April/early May. The interview sessions are carried out mostly in English but a possibility for the interviews to be conducted in Japanese is also available. The research project is being co-supervised by professors from University of Jyvaskyla and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
A brief introduction on the topic and on the benefits can be found here.

Interested organizations should contact Jouni Laitinen for more information and for scheduling of the interviews.

Best regards,
Jouni Laitinen

News from Finland

Rehn tells Finland to get its act together
EU economic commissioner Olli Rehn has tough talk for his compatriots when it comes to competitiveness.

The European Commissioner for Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, has called on Finland to improve its competitiveness. The Finnish commissioner told Yle that Finland's wages are too high.

The European Commission’s number-two man noted that Finland has lost market share despite its investments in research and product development.

Finns do not seem to know how to convert innovations into successful products, he argues, noting that Finland ranks 15th among the 27 EU states when it comes to turning inventions into saleable products.

Rehn is worried by the fact that Finland's balance of trade has fallen into deficit in recent years.

“Finland is the only so-called surplus economy in Europe that has become a deficit economy within the past two years,” Rehn said.

Finland has lost market share, partly because of problems in the telecoms industry, he pointed out. The commissioner added that rising wages since 2007 or 2008 have also eaten away at competitiveness.

“It’s important to strengthen innovation and marketing and look at the cost of Finnish labour,” he admonished his fellow Finns.

Within a decade, the average Finnish household’s indebtedness level has risen from 65 percent to 118 percent of income.

“That is not yet worrying, but it’s important to pay attention to that,” said Rehn, adding that “Finland has had bad experiences with over-indebtedness.”

Grin of the Week

Young and bright vs. old and rich

An elderly lady was stopped to pull into a parking space when a young man in his new red Mercedes went around her and parked in the space she was waiting for. The little old lady was so upset that she went up to the man and said, "I was going to park there!"
The man was a real smart aleck and he said, "That's what you can do when you're young and bright."

Well, this really upset the lady even more, so she got in her car and backed it up and then she stomped on the gas and plowed right into his Mercedes. The young man ran back to his car and asked, "What did you do that for?"
The little old lady smiled and told him, "That's what you can do when you're old and rich!"
Best regards

Clas G. Bystedt
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