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  ISSUE 13/2002

11 April, 2002  


April came without any major melt-down in the Japanese economy, which some had forecasted. Altough The New Major Bank managed to make a mess of their computer systems. Might be they should forget about their pride and admit that they have a lot to learn from Europe, especially from the Nordic countries, how banking systems should be run.
The FCCJ has its account at this bank, but fortunately our membership fees have been flowing in normally...;-)

April Luncheon Meeting
Richard Collasse and Chanel No.5
Date & Time:Thursday, 25 April, 12.00 -14.00
Place: Capitol Tokyu Hotel, B1 Fl., Nikko Room
Cost:7,000 yen (collected at the door)
Our guest speaker is Mr. Richard Collasse, Chairman of the EBC (European Business Community) and President of Chanel K.K.
Sitting on two important chairs, Mr. Collasse will also have two themes for his presentation:
  • EBC, how to sharpen the tool
  • Chanel, a Global Company in Japan

    Richard Collasse has spent more than 20 years in Japan. From 1975 to 1977 he served at the French Embassy in Tokyo and after he held positions at Akai France and Givenchy in Japan. In 1985 he joined Chanel K.K. as Director and has served the company since then, except for a period as Managing Director of Chanel Limited in Hong Kong (1993-95). In 1995 he was appointed President of Chanel K.K. Mr Collasse was elected chairman of the EBC in December 2001.

    To register, please click link at right.
    FCCJ News No. 19
    The April issue of FCCJ News has been mailed this week.
    The feature article in this issue is a report from the Annual General Assembly held on 19 March. Other content include a article on our sister organization in Helsinki, the Finnish-Japanese Chamber of Commerce, reports from luncheon meetings, a member company presentation (Metso Minerals Japan), and much more.

    If you did not receive a copy, or want additional, please make an order by clicking link below.
    FCCJ Guidebook
    We have now made a complete update of the FCCJ Guidebook which contains information about all our members in English and Japanese. In addition to this, the guidebook also has information about FCCJ and the trade between Finland and Japan.
    The guidebook information is updated constantly, and printed on demand, so whenever there's a need to change your company's information, let us know and the changes will be included in the next version.

    We have mailed out the guidebook with the newsletter. In case you have not received it, or need extra copies, use link at right.

    The FCIG is an informal group for the foreign business organizations in Japan for information exchange and joint projects.
    FCIG Business Confidence Survey
    The survey, which was explained in my  previous bulletin , is now under way.
    We have informed our Finnish (or other foreign affiliated) members about the survey procedures and hope that you have already submitted your response.
    In case you have not received the information, or lost the link to the survey page, please send me a mail by clicking link at right.

    Sorry that I cannnot give link here, because this bulletin is sent out to a few hundred persons which are not our members.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Government Procurement Seminar For Fiscal Year 2002
    Date & Time:Friday, 26th April,10:00-17:30
    Place: Mita Kaigisho (2-1-8 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
    Registration:by Friday, 19 April
    (1) General overview of Japanese Government Procurement Procedures
    (2) Measures to reduce costs in public works projects in Japan.
    (3) Anticipated procurement for Fiscal Year 2002

    For more about the event, click link at right.

    Young Finns looking for job/trainee opportunities
    Helping hand as summer trainee
    Juuso Laatikainen, a 19-year-old International Baccalaureate graduate, is looking for a summer job from Japan between 11.6-31.7.2002. He is bilingual in Finnish and English and also capable of communicating in German, Swedish and French. Mr. Laatikainen has furthermore studied the Japanese culture and language for three years during high school at a weekly basis.
    He would be pleased to take any reasonable job either in production or in the office. If you are interested in this active young man, who's also at home with computers, please contact him via email at j.laatikainen@kolumbus.fi or by phone +358 40 5026261

    ..for Finns, so this is in Finnish...
    Lasten-/kodinhoitaja suomalaisperheeseen
    Onko suomalaisia lapsiperheita joilla olisi tarvetta/kayttoa suomalaiselle lasten-/kodinhoitajalle? Vaikkapa au pair-tyyppinen ratkaisu, mutta asuntoa/majoitusta ei tarvitse jarjestaa.
    Kyseessa oleva henkilo on opintojensa loppusuoralla oleva 22-vuotias sairaanhoitaja, jolla on lisaksi runsaasti kokemusta vastaanlaisista tehtavista (seka mm. erikoistuu lasten sairaanhoitoon), ja olisi kaytettavissa kesakuun alusta elokuun loppuun seka uudestaan marraskuusta eteenpain vaikka seuraavaan kesaan. Tavattavissa huhtikuun lopulla. Yhteydenotot Teemu Karhulle, Nippon Finnpap, puh. 03-3405-4152, email: teemu.Karhu@nipponfinnpap.com

    News from Finland
    Myllykoski will buy the half owned by M-real in the Albbruck plant in Germany. M-real's president Jouko Jaakkola confirms that the deal would be signed in the next few months.
    M-real expects to get over 200 mill. euro for its share.
    Albbruck produced last year 234,606 tons of offset paper in rolls and sheets. The plants turnover was 202 mill. euro and the operating result "good".

    Kone purchase 100% of the the German elevator company L. Hopmannn Maschinenfabrik. Hoppmann's turnover last year was 20 mill. euro and it has 185 employees.
    Kone did not reveal the purchase price.
  • Tomorrow is an important day....
    The Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge (Stora-Enso Cup), for us at least as important event as The Masters which is also held this weekend.
    So keep your fingers crossed for the FCCJ team. If we win, I will post results on our web site by Monday, in the unlikely (and unfortunate) case of a loss, I might not be in such a hurry...

    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to: fccj@gol.com

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