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  ISSUE 12/2013 8 May 2013  
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Hope you have enjoyed a nice Golden Week (or Vappu, if you are based in Finland)!

This is the last reminder for our luncheon meeting on Thursday, 16 May with Timo Varhama. Don't miss this opportunity to hear about the successes, trials and tribulations of 41 years of selling paper around the world, 21 years of that in Japan.

Despite being busy travelling in Europe and preparing for his luncheon presentation, we have a new contribution from Timo Varhama in his column Aoyama View, this time titled "New Moves in Trade and Foreign Politics - and Some More".
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Thursday, 16 May - FCCJ Luncheon Meeting
Timo Varhama, President, UPM-Kymmene Japan KK

Our next regular luncheon meeting will be held on Thursday, 16 May when we have Mr. Timo Varhama, President of UPM-Kymmene Japan KK as our speaker.

Mr. Varhama will retire at the end of May after a long and distinguished career at Finnpap, Nippon Finnpap and UPM-Kymmene Japan. He also served as President of FCCJ from 2003 to 2005 and is currently a member of our Board of Trustees.

This is a good opportunity for all members to thank him for his contribution to our chamber and to hear the experiences and opinions of our "senior statesman".

Date & Time:Thursday, 16 May , 12.00-14:00
Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Drawing Room 2F [MAP]
Cost:Members 6,000 yen, Guests 8,000 yen
Registration:by Friday, 10 May

About Timo Varhama
Timo Varhama was born in Helsinki 1948 but spent his school years in Lahti. After graduating from Helsinki School of Economics he joined Finnpap, the export joint sales organization of Finnish paper companies.

Next 15 years he spent in paper sales around the world including permanent stints in Australia and Norway as well as in management in Helsinki head office, last 3 years as Sales Director.

He came to Japan first time in 1987 as Vice President of Nippon Finnpap Ltd., then moved to Finnpap Australia as Vice Managing Director in 1992.

In 1997 Timo was called back to Japan as President of Nippon Finnpap, which then changed to UPM Kymmene Japan KK, a 100% owned subsidiary of UPM Corporation covering all UPM products, in 2004.

If you would like to attend, please click link below. We collect the luncheon fee at the hotel. Note that we have to invoice the lunch fee for cancellations after 13:00 on Monday, 13 May and "no-shows". If you require vegetarian food, please note this in your registrations.
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Saturday, 8 June
EU Japan Friendship Week Golf Tournament
The EU Japan Friendship Week Golf Tournament will take place at Lakewood CC Tomioka Course on June 8. This competition forms part of the EU-Japan Friendship Week Event Calendar. The EU-Japan Friendship Week is an integrated series of sporting, cultural and academic events that is held annually during the month of May.

Friendship Week aims to mix fun and friendly exchanges with information, and endeavours to give Japanese people a chance to learn more about the European Union through various informal contacts.

As this tournament is open to all EU citizens and their friends we look forward to the participation of as many of golfing FCCJ members who are available to attend.

Details of the tournament are available online at the link at right.
Mikko Koivumaa, Counsellor at the Embassy, publishes a book in Japan

The ikumen-themed book opens a new angle to Finland among Japanese

Sauna, aurora, design, Moomin, Santa Claus, xylitol, education...
These themes often come into the minds of Japanese people when thinking about Finland. Well, the new word on this list is ikumen, which in Japanese means men who have an active role in child-rearing.

Mikko Koivumaa, Counsellor, Press & Culture at the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, recently wrote a book on ikumen titled “Finnish Style: Ikumen Mikko and the World’s Happiest Child-rearing,” which was published by Kamakura Shunju. It is quite rare for a foreigner to publish a book in Japan in Japanese. Hence the book-launch event, held at the Japan National Press Club on April 25, gathered some 30 journalists who addressed him with endless questions.

The book contains plenty of photos and pages such as “Finnish recipes families can cook together” and “family-friendly tourist spots in Finland” make the book colorful and more fun to read. Tidbits on Finnish design, be it children’s clothing or tableware, are also appealing to the Japanese who favor Nordic design and lifestyle.

“By writing this book, I want to tell the story of Finland from a new angle and with that encourage Japanese men to be more involved in child-rearing. Children grow up so fast, it’s a shame if men miss it,” says Koivumaa. “I truly believe that by having a bigger role in their children’s life, men’s quality of life and values will improve much more.”

For more information from the publisher's web site (in Japanese) click link below.

News from Finland

Growing discontent surfaces at Nokia annual meeting
Shareholders in Finland's biggest company worry that time is running out for the company to make a turnaround.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop faced disgruntled shareholders at Tuesday’s annual general meeting at the Helsinki Fair Centre. Many expressed dissatisfaction with the firm’s weakness compared to smartphone rivals Apple and Samsung – and its decision not to pay out any annual dividends. Company executives countered that Nokia needs to save cash for future investments.

In 2011, Elop said the transition to Windows software would take two years. That period is now over, and while recent results have shown growth in sales of Lumia smartphones using Windows Phone 8 software, the volumes pale in comparison with the top Samsung and Apple models, and sales of its regular mobile phones have plunged in the meantime.

"The road to hell"
"You're a nice guy...and the leadership team is doing its best, but clearly, it's not enough," shareholder Hannu Virtanen said to Elop. "Are you aware that results are what matter? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please switch to another road."

Despite such doubters, Elop repeated his commitment to Windows software.

"It's very clear to us that in today's war of ecosystems, we've made a very clear decision to focus on Windows Phone with our Lumia product line," he said. "And it is with that that we will compete with competitors like Samsung and Android."

Grin of the Week

The Boss

One day a man goes to a pet shop to buy a parrot. The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one. The man asks, "How much is the yellow one?"

The assistant says, "$2000." The man is shocked and asks the assistant why it's so expensive. The assistant explains, "This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast."

"What about the green one?" the man asks.

The assistant says, "He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes."

"What about the red one?" the man asks.
The assistant says, "That one's $10,000."

The man says, "What does HE do?"
The assistant says, "I don't know, but the other two call him boss."
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Clas G. Bystedt
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