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  ISSUE 16

7 August, 2001  


Even if most of the Finns have already enjoyed their summer vacation, in Japan we are just at the beginning of the busiest holiday period, with the o'bon holidays next week.
But in a couple of weeks time, business should be back to normal...if it ever will.....

August Luncheon Meeting
The invitations for our August Luncheon meeting will be mailed end of this week, but you could register already now by clicking link below-right.
The meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 August at 12:00 at Capitol Tokyu Hotel
This time the theme will be "The Finnish Log House Business in Japan", which has almost a 30 year tradition. The first Finnish log house were brought to Japan in 1973.
As speaker we have Marko Saarelainen, President, Honka Japan Inc.
Marko has done log house business in Japan for more than 10 years, so he knows his subject inside-out.

September Luncheon Meeting
The September meeting will be held on Friday 21st at 12:00 at Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
Our guest speaker will then be Sami Hilvo, First Secretary (Press & Culture) at the Embassy of Finland.
Tentatively we have agreed that Mr. Hilvo will give us an insight in a subject which should be of interest to all of us; "The Finland Image in Japan".
To the right, a "visual profile" of Sami, a verbal will be prepared for our next issue...;-)

FCCJ News No. 15
The August edition of FCCJ News has been mailed out today.
This issue contains reports on new challenges for two of the key players in FCCJ, report from our last luncheon meeting, a member company presentation (Wartsila) and JMEC information, and much more.

If you do not receive a copy, or want additional, please make an order by clicking link below.

Fully furnished and equipped office space for rent
A high-quality, fully furnished office space with all necessary office automation equipment in place will be available by the end of this year (from October, if necessary).
The office occupies one floor in a fairly new building along Aoyama dori near Akasaka Mitsuke (see map).
  • Floor area: 48.24 tsubo - 159.7 sq.m.
  • Rent per month 1,216,000 yen (incl.tax)
  • Address: 4-1-30, Akasaka, Minato-ku
    For further information please contact Pekka Rauhala, CEO, Sonera Japan, by phone 03-3568-6890 or by email by clicking link below.
    IIST World Forum
    IIST World Forum is new information service, provided by the Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST), in association with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
    This service is intended to promote a better and deeper understanding of contemporary Japan for interested persons at home and abroad.
    The IIST Mail Magazine provides up-to-date information in English on Japan's economy, trade and industry.
    The articles in the first issue included:
    European Economic Integration and Global Business Environment: Japan-EU New Growth Strategy Toward a Knowledge-Driven Economy, Who Was Cordell Hull?, US-Japan Economic Partnership for Growth .
    News from Finland
    Cut our the cakes...
    Take the bus not a taxi on business and cut back on the coffee and cakes for the guests -- such remedies are increasingly being urged on staff by Finnish firms, Kauppalehti said, as the country slides into recession. Statistics Finland said industrial production fell 3 % in June, which could indicate a fall in overall output in the same period. This follows a 0.7 % drop in GDP in May from the previous year. Second quarter output could thus well be lower than last year's, following the red line under Q1. When GDP falls for six months it's called a recession. In any case, poor export performance is hitting industry across the board, with pulp and paper down 11 % in June from June 2000, manufacturing down 4 %, chemicals down 8 %, and electronic products almost 3 % lower, SF said.

    The sudden change is blamed on the unexpected downturn in Europe following the US lead, and has again led the main economic forecasters to downgrade their GDP expectations for this year and next. The finance ministry is gloomiest, with 2.7 % this year and 2.5 % in 2002. The Bank of Finland says 3.9 and 3.3; ETLA 3.8 and 4.2.

    For more news, click link to the right.

    Grin of the Week
    The 10 Commandments of Email
    • Thou shalt include a clear and specific subject line.
    • Thou shalt edit any quoted text down to the minimum thou needest.
    • Thou shalt read thine own message thrice before thou sendest it.
    • Thou shalt ponder how thy recipient might react to thy message.
    • Thou shalt check thy spelling and thy grammar.
    • Thou shalt not curse, flame, spam or USE ALL CAPS.
    • Thou shalt not forward any chain letter.
    • Thou shalt not use e-mail for any illegal or unethical purpose.
    • Thou shalt not rely on the privacy of e-mail, especially from work.
    • When in doubt, save thy message overnight and reread it in the light of the dawn.

    Have a nice week, and let's enjoy the cool weather!

    Best regards

    Clas G. Bystedt

    If you have any comments, rumors, gossip or inside information,
    send it to to: fccj@gol.com

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