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  ISSUE 6/2015 2 March 2015  
Dear !*TITLE*! !*LASTNAME*!,

This is the final reminder of the event with the other Nordic Chambers, and the American chamber - a Nomu-nication Party on Friday, 6 March. If you have not signed up yet, do so at latest tomorrow Tuesday. We have already more than 140 participants signed up from the 6 chambers, but we still have a few slots available in our quota. Read more below!

Our Annual General Assembly will be held on Wednesday, 8 April starting at 17:00 at the Embassy of Finland. The meeting will be followed by a reception. Details in my next bulletin but mark this in your calendar already now. Note that this is a member only event, free for one representative per member.

We have also decided the date and venue for the Stora Enso Cup, the Golf Challenge between the Finnish and Swedish Chambers. It will be played on Friday, 17 April at G.C. Narita Hightree in Chiba pref. Click here for a flyer.

Again this week we have a new contribution from our columnist in his Aoyama View column, this time titled: "Three struck out, three in doubt - Abe's ministers under attack again ".

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Friday, 6 March - Joint ACCJ and Nordic Chambers Nomu-nication Event
The Vikings meet Dixieland

What is Nomu-nication?
A combination of the Japanese word "Nomu", to drink, and "Communication" the term refers to the ability of alcohol to transcend cultural barriers, bulding relationships and bonding over drinks.

'The business meeting was slow and difficult, and we just weren't seeing eye to eye. Everything changed about midway through dinner though - that's the power of nomunication!"

Please join us for a fast moving Nomu-nication networking opportunity co-organized by the American and Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Japan! The festivities will feature a live New Orleans Dixieland band from Waseda University.

Join with the ACCJ and other Nordic leaders at our Nomu-nication event with special emphasis on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We are looking for your support.
Sport clothes and informal dress are encouraged.

Date & Time:Friday, 6 March, 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: Embassy of Sweden, Exhibition Hall
1-10-3-100 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo [MAP]
Cost:Members 4,000 yen, non-members 5,000 yen (incl.light buffet and free drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks)
Registration:by Tuesday, 3 March

The fee will be collected at the door and we will provide you with a receipt. Note that we will charge cancellations after Wednesday, 4 March at 13:00 and no-shows.

To register, please click link at right!
Wednesday, 11 March - Joint Netherlands and Canadian Chambers Event
Giving Back To Japan - The Road Towards Reconstruction

In collaboration with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ), the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan (NCCJ) is pleased to invite you to the 3rd edition of Giving Back To Japan.

On 11 March 2015, four years after Japan's northeastern coast was devastated by a magnitude 9 earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear accidents, the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan will celebrate efforts for reconstruction, and giving back to Japan with a special event showcasing a variety of projects in the affected region.

The Orandajima House was initiated and built by the Orandajima Foundation as an after school facility-community centre for the children and people of Yamada-machi. It was designed pro-bono by architect Martin van der Linden with wood donated by Canada Wood. This is a great example of countries coming together to support Tohoku, in this case with Dutch companies spearheading the project and Canada supplying the lumber and Japanese and other Europe based companies acting as donor in kind

Date & Time:Wednesday, 11 March, 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: Tokyo American Club [MAP]
Cost:6,400 yen (incl. food and drinks)
Registration:by Friday, 6 March (to the Netherlands chamber)

The organizers donate 1,000 yen for each paying guest to support Tohoku reconstruction initiatives as determined by the CCCJ and NCCJ.

For more information click link at right. If you want to participate, please register directly with the Netherlands chamber!
Wednesday, 21 - Monday, 26 October
Japan Week in Helsinki

The Japan Week held in Bern, Switzerland in 2014 was the 39th time the event had been held since the first Japan Week in Florence, Italy in 1986. Helsinki has been chosen to host the 40th Japan Week, from 21-26 October 2015.

Japan Week has made significant contributions toward friendship, goodwill, and mutual understanding between Japan and Europe and between Japan and North America, as Japan's largest private-sector international-exchange event, one based on the pillar of exchange conducted at the community level with the host states and cities.

Japan Week
(1) Intends to communicate the current state and heart of the Japanese people through broadening understanding of Japanese traditions in Europe.
(2) Promotes the internationalization of regional culture through overseas experience in activities such as visits to schools and other facilities and workshops on Japanese culture.
(3) Contributes to publicizing communities in Japan overseas by introducing information on the communities through demonstrations of Japanese culture such as traditional arts as well as tourism and produce.
(4) Also helps promote companies' products and assists in forming alliances and partnerships with overseas firms through companies providing introductions to Japanese technologies and culture.

We encourage you to use this opportunity to further deepen friendly relations between Japan and Finland by helping to communicate Japanese traditions and promote internationalization while also interacting with the residents of Helsinki, as private-sector goodwill ambassadors. Each and every individual participant plays a key role in Japan Week.

For more information on the event and how you can benefit from it, click links below.
News from Finland

Asian tourists flood Rovaniemi

This February the hotels of Rovaniemi, Lapland have been full to the brim with customers. Usually this many people stay in hotels in the northern city only during the Christmas season, but this year the tourist boom will continue into March at least. Especially Asian travellers have found their way to Lapland this February.

When the Russian rouble started its nosedive many companies feared that tourists would abandon the north of Finland. This fear has turned out to be unwarranted, as northern hotels and travel services have been swamped with tourists. Asian travellers have partly replaced the familiar Russian visitors.

"The number of people coming from Russia fell all over the country, including in Rovaniemi," manager Sanna Karkkainen from Rovaniemi Travel and Marketing. "Our guest capacity suddenly rose because of this, and demand has been high especially among people from Asia. We've gotten our own back after the Russian slump."

Grin of the Week

The obvious medicine?

A woman had some problems, so she went to her doctor of twenty years. They had the following conversation:
Dr.: Take the red pill after breakfast with one glass of water.
Woman: OK.

Dr: Take the blue pill after lunch with two glasses of water.
Woman: OK.

Dr.: Take the yellow pill after dinner with three glasses of water.
After giving these instructions to the woman, she asks, "Can you tell me what's wrong with me Dr.?

Dr.: Yeah. You do not drink enough water.
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